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Best choice
A golf practice net gives you a pressure-free environment for you to perfect your game and be ready for those tense situations on the back nine. They can help you improve your posture, hone your swing, and transform your overall game into something that doesn’t end with you hurling your clubs into the water and swearing you’ll never play again. Deep down, we know you love the old game really, so taking a swing at one of these nets might make you love it even more, so let’s tee off and have a look at some of the best golf chipping nets on Amazon.
Best choice

The GALILEO Golf Net is ideal for beginner and intermediate golfers. It offers a largely open net (10' x 6.5' x 6') that reduces the chance of you missing and hitting the ball through a window. In the middle of the netting is a large target, perfect for practicing chip shots and more. One of our favorite things about the GALILEO Golf Net is that it takes just two minutes to set up and another two minutes to pack it away. Anyone who regularly practices anything - sports, music, etc. - will know that you don’t want a complicated setup process getting in the way of your progress. 

The tent is made from a mixture of Oxford polyester and nylon netting. It’s really designed for practicing low-intensity shots (like chip shots) but you could pull the nine iron out and give it a hammering. We just can’t guarantee that it will last forever. 

Key Features:
  • Made from Oxford polyester and nylon netting
  • Dimensions - 10' x 6.5' x 6'
  • Takes two minutes to set up 
  • Fiberglass support rods
  • Integrated target 
  • Carry bag included


Key Features:
  • Convertible frame
  • 23 inch diameter
  • 3 chipping baskets
  • Foldable design
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed golfers
  • All skill levels


The SKLZ Quickster Chipping Net will not just take your accuracy off the charts, but it will also provide a conducive environment for you to get more conversant with the sport. In addition to the three target holes, this net also comes with a ball catching slot at the bottom. Thanks to this handy feature, there is no need to go scrambling around for the ball after a missed shot. Speaking of balls, both regular golf balls and practice golf balls can be used with this net, the choice is completely in the hands of the user.

This chipping net also comes in an efficient design which makes it incredibly easy to set up. This is also thanks to the patented steel and fiberglass used in its construction. So, whether it is within the confines of your home or in a park somewhere, working on your chips just got easier.

Key Features:
  • 3 different sized targets
  • Suitable for regular and practice golf balls
  • Lightweight
  • Folds into carry bag
  • Easy set up and breakdown
  • Easy to retrieve balls

 Also consider

The PodiuMax Pop Up Golf Chipping Net is one of the best products for practicing chip shots on the market. Chip shots are all about accuracy under difficult conditions - to be successful, you need to hit them right on the money. This small golf net offers a fantastic way of improving your accuracy. It has three center targets and two pockets on either side to collect stray balls. Measuring just 25” x 25” x 20”, you really don’t need much space to erect this golf net and get practicing. It’s the perfect gift for any golfer that’s stuck at home. 

The whole thing takes seconds to set up and fits down into a 1.2-foot carry bag. This takes all of the stress out of setting up to practice. You’ll be ready to go in minutes. The company recommends using foam golf balls to practice with this net but we don’t think that’s necessary. At the speed of a chip shot, a real golf ball isn’t going to do any damage to the net.

Key Features:
  • Dimensions - 25” x 25” x 20”
  • Three target holes 
  • Two side pockets 
  • Pops up in seconds 
  • Fits into a 1.2-foot carry bag

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