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Resistance Parachute Speed Chutes Running Parachute|Galileo

Resistance Parachute Speed Chutes Running Parachute|Galileo

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POWERFUL RESISTANCE: Package includes 2 Resistance parachute(Light Blue). Approx 56 inch diameter, it can provide 25-50 lbs of resistance.

ADJUSTABLE BELT: The adjustable waist sizes are 20-42 inches. The adjustable 2-inch heavy-duty nylon belt is fully adjustable and will comfortably be for all body types of users.

TRAIN IN ANY DIRECTIONS: The belt rotates 360 degrees and has a free motion ring, that's allows us to practice changing direction during high speed running.

MULTI-FUNCTION: Resistance parachute can be widely used in training track and field, running ball games, cycling, skating, and other projects, helps increase explosive power, speed, and core strength. It effectively promotes explosiveness and stamina that is vital in field and track sports.

WARRANTY: Galileo provides 30 days return or refund and 1-year replacement parts warranty.

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