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How to Get Started in Golf – All You Need to Get Started!

Posted by XINZHI LIU on
How to Get Started in Golf – All You Need to Get Started!

Familiarize Yourself with Golf

The best way to get yourself started in Golf is to begin by getting some more information about Golf. To begin with you always need to familiarize yourself with the Golf sport as much as possible. You can learn more about Golf from reading books, reading articles on how to play Golf. Reading this book is a good first step. You're doing great. Now you need some actual exposure, too. You’d also better go and watch some Golf Games if possible.

Give it a shot

Start your golf learning experience by using a practice facility (driving range, Home Golf Nets, Golf Chipping Nets,  putting green, short game area, etc.). That way, even if you feel like you have no idea what you're doing, or if your behavior is completely inappropriate, at least it's only practice, right? Grin Most golf courses have some kind of practice facility, and some practice facilities are stand-alone (separate from golf courses). You don't need any equipment or special clothing, nor do you need a group of people to get started.


Every golf course or practice facility I've seen in my life has some kind of clubs you can borrow (or rent very cheaply) to give it a try. Also, it's totally fine to go to the course or driving range by yourself. People do it all the time. If you're wondering what to wear just make sure it's comfortable, loose enough to move freely and generally appropriate for public places. Most golf facilities frown on tank tops, cut-offs, etc. and many courses require collared shirts and if you're wearing shorts that they be a certain length. Use your judgement and see what other people have on. Sneakers or athletic shoes are best for footwear, but certainly make sure your shoes are flat, comfortable and not slippery -- heeled shoes (any height), sandals or leather-soled dress shoes are not good.

Take golf lessons

If possible, select a professional that is a member of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association). These individuals have gone through training and are the ambassadors of the game. Otherwise, make sure you get recommendations from more than one player about the services of a professional. Anybody can call himself, or herself, a "professional." It will be to your advantage to select an individual that not only has appropriate skill and knowledge, but also one that you can get along with and understand.


Not only will this give you the best possible chance of developing the skills you will need in order to enjoy the game fully, your professional will be a valuable resource - you can ask questions and get credible information from a very experienced player. And if you're worried about being embarrassed or looking silly by asking a stupid question, believe me, even an experienced golf instructor started in the same place that you are now and has heard just about everything imaginable. It is highly unlikely you will do or ask anything new.


Practice Golf at Home

Well, some of us we might find ourselves being busy with work, School work and many other things to such an extent that we might not have time to go and take Golf Lessons Or we might not have time to go and Watch Golf games and I can understand that. There is a good solution for you to practice Golf at Home using some home Golf accessories. You can get yourself Home Golf Practice Net for Home Golf Training. Other Accessories includes Golf Chipping Net, Golf Hitting and Putting Mat, Golf Putting Net etc . There is absolutely no need for a personal Golf Trainer in this case. The Golf net can be a perfect Fit for your Backyard, Outdoor Space , Patio or  Garden space .


Learn, practice and play

The rest of your golf career will be an endless succession of those three actions (not necessarily in that order), and most of it will be a blast! But perhaps you have already experienced the fact that there is some frustration on occasion. I have been around golf for thirty years, and I've never seen an excellent player who hadn't been playing for a long time. It takes a long time just to accumulate the experience to keep from making (too many) mistakes. Golf is hard enough when you know how to make your way around a course without dumb mistakes. Without the benefit of experience, it's nigh impossible. Just reconcile yourself to the fact that it is an ongoing training process and you will probably conclude that it's worth the ride.


Watch some Golf Games

One of the best things you can do to change your Golf Game is to watch some Golf games from the Professional Golf players like Tiger Woods. Who doesn’t want to be good as Tiger Woods? If you are so passionate about Golf there are high chances that you probably got someone who you inspire to be like. Watching Golf tournament like PGA championships and other Golf Tours can be an absolute game changer for you! . I suggest you’d better watch more content of what you inspire to be like in this case which is a good Golfer

Go out on a Golf course

There's nothing like being bitten by the golf bug to motivate you to practice and improve. If you must, consult with your professional to be assured that you're ready. (Rule of thumb: If you miss the ball frequently when you practice you're not ready. Continue practicing and taking lessons until you make contact and get the ball airborne most of the time.) But definitely get yourself out on a golf course as soon as you feel you have a general idea of what golf is about. Don't worry about your skill level because I'm suggesting that you go play at smaller, less intimidating golf courses where hoards of other insecure beginners also play.

Once you have played golf it is unlikely that it will be difficult to get you back out on the course again. My first golf experience was when I was fourteen years old. I went to the course with two friends who were also fourteen, but they were very experienced players. They told me that they would "show me what to do." Their version of showing me what to do was to hit the ball off the first tee nicely toward the green and then say "just do that." (Oh, why didn't you tell me it was that easy?) I actually got lucky and hit what appeared to be a decent shot off the first tee, but then was completely humbled and humiliated for the rest of the round, with only brief glimpses of anything resembling proficiency. And still I couldn't wait to try again and again - it's the nature of the game. Welcome to the club.

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