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Company profile

  • Galileo Sports LLC specializes in the production of sports nets and playground facilities. The main products include football door series, golf net series, baseball net series, hockey net series and so on.
  • Galileo Sports adheres to the business philosophy of "Quality First, Service First" and has a professional production line. Due to superior product quality, it has become a supplier to most major international companies, and provides long-term supply of all superior sport goods.
  • Galileo Sports has accumulated years of experience in processing, advanced technology, rich experience, strong ability to develop and innovate, and excellence in products. Engaged in the golf industry related product R & D and production has more than 10 years of experience. The company's products include golf equipment, accessories, apparel, exercise supplies and stadium equipment, covering sport products in multiple areas of production. At the same time, Gaopin Company, which has strong professional production technology and excellent production equipment, is also a partner in the production of accessories for well-known golf brands. In 2005, the company registered and produced "high-quality" golf clubs as the company's main product. Products have been highly evaluated by golf professionals in the country.