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Baseball Vinyl Backstop Large Target Premium Quality6'x8'|Galileo

Baseball Vinyl Backstop Large Target Premium Quality6'x8'|Galileo

$85.99 $85.99

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  • TARGET RANGE: The 6FTX8FT vinyl backstop allows you to practice hitting with no worry and stops the hardest pitched balls.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The Galileo baseball/softball backstop is made of high quality imported PVC material, resistant to high temperature, strong light, and will not be oxidized after a long time practice.
  • BUNGEE GIFT: There are 8 bungees in each backstop for hanging into the metal grommets, installation and removal.
  • PRINTING LASTING: The printing of Galileo Backstop uses the strongest printing material, and the printing color is still clearly visible after 100high temperature verification.
  • WARRANTY: Galileo provides 30 days return or refund and 1-year replacement parts warranty.
  • Our brand 'Gagalileo' has been registered in the US by USPTO. It is protected by laws in the US. Please do not attempt to infringe our rights otherwise legal action will be taken.