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Galileo Golf Chipping Net Practice Net Golf Chipping Game Indoor and Outdoor Use | 26''x26''Size

$24.99 $24.99

    • MUST HAVE CHIPPING NET: 26x26in. The Galileo Chipping Net With only ONE second to open and another one second to close. Easy setup Golf Chipping Net would save your time to practice more Golf Chipping Games!The Chipping Net even has a wood support frame to make it stronger for chipping.Please read the Chipping Net instructions to extended service life of the Golf Chipping.You worth the best Golf Chipping Practice Net.
    • AWESOME QUALITY MATERIAL: The Galileo Chipping Net is made of strong fiberglass,ground stakes and thick cloth material. The weight of the fiberglass support rod is one third of the traditional iron pipe,which makes the Chipping Golf doesn’t rust or deform.With the Golf Chipping Practice Net,you will feel like Chipping Golf in the golf club with no costs.You worth the best Golf Chipping Net.
    • SUITS FOR REAL GOLF BALLS: Perfect for golf beginners to practice Chipping Golf. The Chipping Net is perfect for practice both foam and real golf balls.Just enjoy your Golf Chipping Game with the great Golf Chipping Net.Different from cutting corners on the market, our Chipping Net are made of the highest quality materials to ensure that customers can use the real golf balls to experience the most realistic hitting feeling.You worth the best Chipping Net.
    • IMPROVE YOUR AIM: This Golf Chipping is designed with one target to better improve your short distance chipping accuracy. This is a must-have Chipping Net for all levels golfers to master Golf Chipping Game, you can also play Golf Chipping like a pro.Enjoy the Galileo Chipping Golf with ease is no longer a dream!You worth the best Golf Chipping Net.
    • IDEAL CHOICE FOR FRIENDS: Match the Galileo Golf Chipping Net with your families, friends or colleagues, making your Golf Chipping Practice Net more interesting than just hitting shots.Our Golf Chipping Net is also a perfect choice for golf lovers.The Golf Chipping Net is really a perfect Home Chipping Golf Net to send gifts on Halloween,Christmas or Birthday to provide years of Golf Chipping Game.
    • WARRANTY: Galileo provides 30 days return or refund and 1-year replacement parts warranty. 
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